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Seaside Cottage is available to book throughout the year. We have both a peak rate and an off peak rate.
During the peak season bookings must be made for a minimum of one week and the cottage is available from Saturday to Saturday.
During the off peak season, a minimum stay of three nights is required and as long as we have availability we will do our best to accommodate your plans.

Off peak season runs from the 7th January 2017 until the 8th April 2017 and from 23rd October 2017 until 23rd December 2017. Total cost per week is £650,or £100 per night (minimum three night stay).

Peak season operates from 8th April 2017 until 23rd September 2017 and from 23rd December 2017 until 6th January 2018. The total cost per week is £875.  

From 6th January 2018, (Off-peak) until 7th April 2018 the cost is £700 per week or £110 per night (minimum three night stay)

From 7th April 2018 (Peak Season) until 29th September the cost is £900 per week (minimum one week stay)

Please be advised that we require payment in full before arrival.

Had a fabulous time here, saw a couple of otters and golden eagles. For once the 5 star rating is absolutely justified.